Console CVS with SSH servers

Instructions How to access a ssh cvs server from the command console (windows)

Install the cvs and the putty distributions for your windows version. Try to establish a connection from putty with your ssh server. If that works generate a RSA (1 or 2) keypair with puttygen. save these keys somewhere. Now switch back to you connection with the ssh server.
Create a new directory “.ssh” in your home directory (if not already there). edit the file .ssh/authorized_keys and put your generated public key here. See man sshd for format descriptions.
Now that the server will accept a connection established with your key, and will log you in passwordless, you have to start the pageant program that comes with putty. It manages your keys. Add your private key and type in your password.
Then switch to the command console and type the following:
set CVS_RSH=plink
set CVSROOT=:ext:USERNAME@SERVER.COM:/usr/local/cvsroot

Now you’re done, you can access your cvs server without typing in a password.

Have fun!

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